Friday, 17 September 2010

Don't Trade Tired

I was working late Wednesday night and just caught the end of the Webinar which was trading MK Dons v Southampton which went well for the followers. They were also trading the CL game at Arsenal and made their profits very early on in the game.

Naturally after the footie loss the previous day I felt a little left out so I decided to do some late night footie trading. There were some Brazilian games starting at 11.30pm so I chose the Gojas v Botafogo game as it had the most liquidity. These games tend to be high scoring so I thought that 1.94 for over 2.5 goals was pretty good. Having said that I did no research so I am sure there was a valid reason for the price. I placed my first trade 10 minutes before the start and  thought that I would hold off doing anything on the correct score market for about 10 minutes just in case there was an early goal. However I found a new strategy that would net me £90. It's called falling asleep!  I dropped off for about an hour then the realisation hit me that I had left a rather large open position. I quickly looked at the screen and to my massive relief discovered the market had been suspended as the half time score was 2-1. It's not the best strategy in the world. The market settled after midnight so my profit was recorded on Thursday.

I worked late again on Thursday so popped into the chat room. There wasn't an official trading session but there were plenty of people chatting which just goes to show what everyone thinks of the service. I caught the end of the Wolverhampton meeting so continued on into US racing whilst chatting and picked up a useful £30. I also delved very briefly into the Snooker league.

There are quite a few people that have an opening trade of backing under 2.5 goals. Personally I think it's the wrong move. Trading this way means that your opportunities are limited. If three goals go in within the first five minutes then your stuffed before you have settled comfortably on the sofa. However if you trade the over 2.5 goals it could be 0-0 after 80 minutes and you could still have a chance of three goals going in or at least two and trading out.

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