Sunday, 5 September 2010

Secret Gold

My horse racing activity continued to be solid as I reached £70 from a good afternoons racing. I was trading the first at Wolverhampton while at the same time chatting over at the Trading Football site. My multi tasking skills leave a lot to be desired and like a couple of days ago I left an open position and by the time I realised it the race was over. I was expecting the deserved loss to wipe out my afternoons efforts. However this time the coin flipped in my favour and I collected almost £200.

It's nothing to be proud of but it's about time that these stupid mistakes come out on my side for a change.

I spent the evening watching a batch of footie trading videos that I purchased from the Nugget Crew and it opened my eyes to the wonderful array of options that are available during the course of a match. From tomorrow I will be testing these strategies and hopefully my days of consistent footie losses will be a thing of the past.

Take a look at Trading Football for yourself. It costs £25 a month and even if you only pay one month and buy a few videos and spend time in the chat room it will be money well spent. They are a great bunch of guys over in the chat room and they really do make you feel at home even if you are trading with £2. There is nothing in it for me but just take my word for it.


Cudster said...

Thats the first time I have seen a post like that - its normally the other way!

Could you add a link to my blog,

I am going to attempt a whole month full time trading and see if I can hack it!


Mets said...

Hello mate

Cudster's right, those unintentional errors almost never go the right way!

I accidentally left a £60 back bet on once as I zoomed out to pick up the little one from playschool. That didn't go my way, expensive error.

At least you're back on track for the month. Would be nice to see you get a bit of consistency to smash through that 2k barrier. Funnily enough, I lingered at sub 2k for ages too!

Did you get any of Murray's 1.02 yesterday? I stared at it for ages before uttering those immortal words...."surely he can't lose from here?"

oneextwo said...

Link exchange with
I already added your blog

Betfair Guru said...

Good steady growth and a decent set of results.

Although if the football profits are anything to go by, I think I've done well to avoid the nuggets this long!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't rate the nugget stuff it seemed pretty basic to me.