Saturday, 4 September 2010

Red Alert



Three days into the new month and three daily losses. At the end of Wednesday evenings horses I had made another solid £61 profit but beyond this my positive results went downhill rapidly. Losses on the Tennis and Football meant that the day ended £11 down.

The following day saw me make a mistake but I really don't know how it happened. I left a liability of £170 when I went onto another race. There is no excuse as I should have noticed that my bank was lower than it should have been.  Had the horse won I would have been very pleasantly suprised. I didn't do much yesterday but still managed a small loss. 

Looking at my line graph I don't seem to be able to push upwards beyond £2,000 and I seem to dip as soon as I consider whether to withdraw some of the bank. Hopefully I can show some green today as I trade the horses this afternoon.

I subscribed to the Trading Football Markets a couple of days ago at £25 per month. I will start to get involved in their trades over the weekend but I must say that info being shared in the chat room has been very good.

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