Thursday, 30 September 2010

Happy Birthday Geek

I have not done any trading since Sunday but as I keep seeing my depressing last post every time I login I feel the need to add to the blog to help push it down towards the depths of the archive. I did make an opening trade on a footie game on Monday but scratched it for the same price a few minutes later as I just wasn't in the mood. It's funny how a big loss after such a good run can knock you for six.

I had planned to trade the Cruzeiro game which started at 11.30pm last night but I fell asleep on the sofa about an hour before the start and as I awoke a few minutes ago, I found myself as a sad and lonely user in the chat room. To put the icing on a rather depressing cake the game finished 3-0 and the timing of the goals would have been perfect for my opening AA strategy and my subsequent trades would have netted me a strong profit.

Talking about cakes and in particular birthdays, it is one year since the Geeks Toy was launched. It is excellent trading software and best of all it's free. Whenever I am in contact with fellow traders most are using GT. We are not using it because we are stingy buggers, we use it because the ladder facility is head and shoulders above it's competitors. As I have said previously I use GT in conjunction with Bet Angel as their charting is second to none and is an absolute necessity to predict short term price direction. However, things could possibly change as GT is currently testing an advance charting tool which could leapfrog it's already strong product to even higher peaks of the competitive trading software market. It is yet to be seen whether the product will continue to be available free of charge but whatever Mr Geek decides to do he has already proved that the generosity of his time, effort and lack of financial gain is second to none.

Happy Birthday Geek and thank you.

Finally I have been receiving reports of recent problems viewing my blog in Chrome and Safari. The background does not load properly and sometimes error messages appear. Please note that I have developed and tested my site on Firefox and recommend that it is viewed in that browser as it performs at it's best. It also loads perfectly on all recent versions of Internet Explorer.

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