Monday, 27 September 2010

Turning A Healthy Profit Into A Big Loss In 3 Hours

I suppose it had to happen. A day which started out so brightly ended with a big loss. It is a frightening example of how easy it is to let things run away with you.

After the successful very early morning games reported in my last post, I added a further green from the Spanish division two game which kicks off every Sunday at 11.00am. The football just goes from strength to strength.

Below is my P&L at 1pm.

However it was soon to turn on it's head. Firstly my laptop froze just as a race was going in play and I lost £140. It was a back bet that was left open so my chances of a positive outcome were always against me. Shortly afterwards I took a loss of £44 on the Grand Prix so by 3pm I was about £140 down and then I went into my irritating chase mode by regularly going in play with all my defenses down and at one point I was £260 down. That's a massive loss of about £305 between 1pm and about 4.20pm. Crazy I know!

I went to the shops to clear my head and returned half an hour later to start again with a clean sheet. Something I should have done two hours earlier. I managed to claw back £60 which included a correct score that was settled at one minute past midnight. I decided to include that in Sundays P&L as it meant that my loss was just under £200.

Regular readers will know that I have these bad episodes now and again. It seems to mainly be triggered when a large loss is caused by computer hardware which is out of my control. I know that I should raise above the frustration but I am only human and it's easier said than done.

I always post my line graph on these occasions to remind myself that despite Sundays awful performance I am still on an upward trend.

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