Thursday, 14 October 2010

Not EGGstatic

A combination of work and family commitments has meant that the trading game has had to take a back seat this week. After what was a good start to the month, the inevitable sticky patch and careless moments has dragged me back towards my more usual average.

To bring me up to date, Thursdays evening UK and US racing continued on from the bad session the day before. I was still feeling rough yet I decided to trade so there was no suprise the I ended the night £49 lighter.

Friday saw the first batch of international matches and after much effort on two games I finished with a green of £7.63. I utilised my own EGG strategy on the Wales v Bulgaria game which didn't produce any goals by the 15th minute. I didn't mind this as it gave me an opportunity to practice the next phase of reducing my liability on the 2.5 goals markets and entering the correct score market. In the end I took a very small loss. I also made a small green on Ireland v Russia tinkering about but if I had used EGG then it would have been a far bigger win.

I did a full afternoon and evenings horse trading on Saturday and was only £25 up for all my efforts. I joined the boys for the evenings France v Romania game which resulted in a scratch of 86 pence profit. I used EGG which on balance was pretty stupid but again I came out with no harm done. However the aim is to have some kind of profit  more often than not if no goals are scored in the first 15 minutes and I am not there yet. If I can get this strat right I will provide the details.

I was so engrossed in the chat room, my lack of multi tasking skills came to the fore as I put two opening trade bets of £50 at 3.25 and 3.30 on Bushwhacker at the 20.40 Wolverhampton and then went back into chat and completely forgot about them. I had the sound off as the family were watching X Factor so not even the Simpsons (If you have GT you know what I am talking about)  could save me. What was so heartbreaking was the horse went as low as 1.15 so the £200 bonus was within my grasp. Had I greened up at 1.15 it would have guaranteed me £175.


Do I ever learn? No!

I got some of the losses back on Sunday when I made £53. I have not traded since.

Looking at my daily performance you can see how successful my football trading has become since I became a crew member on 6th September. Previously I had just been going around in circles.

I have spent the last week or so designing a trading spreadsheet specifically for Football and particularly the FT service. I have been trying to make it maintenance free before compiling it into a program so it looks as professional as my tiny brain can manage and then making it available to purchase at a token price to cover the compiler program costs. It is similar to my general spreadsheet but more automated and has a 'diary' where you can record your traded games with comments. The tabs interact with each other so data entry is minimal. 

Four of the tabs are shown below with sample data.



Finally, Adam Heathcote has made a rare entry to his blog. It's nice to see the guy well watered and still hanging around the trading scene so he can pay for his food and rent.  That should take him all of 5 minutes per month! However I don't understand why he would start a new venture when he was raking in £300,000 per year  trading unless of  course he never made £300,000 in the first place!

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NICK said...

Liking the look of the new football trading spreadsheet Andy. The gang should find it useful!