Saturday, 16 October 2010

Where's Wally?

Right here!

After four days without a single back or lay, I returned to the lions den trading the two evening meetings netting me a profit of almost £40. 

This was all undone thanks once again to falling asleep on the sofa. I decided to get involved with the San Lorenzo v Tigre match which kicked off at the rather odd time of 11.10pm. Everything pointed towards a low scoring game but I decided to go against the grain and further practice my EGG skills.  

What a start! SL score within the first five minutes and even if it  remains 1-0 after 15 minutes then the rest of my strategy would ensure a half decent profit. Marvellous I thought, except falling asleep was not supposed to be part of the strategy. I woke up with about 5 minutes to go and the score at 2-0 so I was staring at a rather large potential red result. There was hardly anything I could do to salvage the situation other than hope for a goal. I took the opportunity of a Bingo Special to further boost my profit if a goal was scored with minimal risk. There were two  golden opportunities for both sides to grab a goal in the added time but it was not to be and the end result was a loss of £60.

I was not happy to leave it there and decided to do a handful of US races which enabled me to get back £22.  I won't be doing any trading until this evening as I will be travelling to London to watch the Hoops give the Canaries a lesson in football so as it stands I am £38 down for today and have this evening to turn it round.

Yet again I give sound advice of not trading when tired but don't practice what I preach. Anyway it is the sofa's fault as it shouldn't be so comfortable!


Mets said...

Sounds like a bad case of narcolepsy!! ;)

geoffm said...

Hi- Great blog and one that I’ve followed for a while. I’ve set my own up at and it would be greatly appreciated if you could add mine to your blogroll. I’ve deliberately waited a while before sending this request so that I can show you I’m not a “flash in the pan” blogger”! If you let me know what you’d like me to put in the info section (that comes up when someone “hovers”) then I will gladly sort that as well.