Monday, 18 April 2011

Happy Sunday

A profitable weekend which leaves me just £63 down for the month but it could have been so much more. Saturdays steady progress was undone when I lost £88 on one race. I only have myself to blame as the only two losses over £10 were in races of 7f which I shouldn't have been trading in play. I was down pre-race and thought that I could make it up in play. I must keep to my own rules of never going in play under 1.5 miles. The IPL ensured I ended up in a green position.

Sunday was much better as I reached three figures for the first time in seven weeks. It started early in the morning when I was suprised to see Vettels very low price of 1.5 a few minutes before the start. I layed him for £100 and was very happy to see him struggle off the start. The price shot up to 4 but then settled to around 2.7 before I started to take the profits. In the middle of the race it was interesting to see his price fall to well under 2's when he was still in third place. I should have gone back into the market but I settled for my £46 and moved on.

I traded a handful of horse races and was dispappointed at my final result of £9 as I managed to lose £25 in the last race. It was a good day with the Football. I layed 0-0 with about 15 minutes to go. I secured the profit thanks to Arsenals late penalty and saw a good opportunity when Liverpool had their free kick just as time was almost up. The price for 1-1 was 13's and I thought that it was too high as the FK was in a very good position. It was surely worth putting a measly £2 on it even if it was almost the last kick. The FK didn't come off but naturally I was delighted to see a penalty awarded a few seconds later and that it was converted. To finish the day I successfully traded my signature strategy (I must think up a name for it).  Laying a low priced U2.5 with correct scores of 1-0 1-1 2-0. As you can tell my stakes are generally small for Football and I need to have more scores go against me so I can work my way out of them with minimal loss before increasing them.

Lucklily I steered clear of the featured game at Trading Football which was Bolton V Stoke. Nobody could have predicted 0-3 after 30 minutes and while the service tried  to get the best out of a bad situation, it is a reminder to everyone that  whilst we enjoy the best fruits of success, these sort of games pop up now and then that no stats can predict. The real test is how you manage the position when it all goes against you and Bingo whilst accepting a loss was inevitable, led the troops to as minimal a loss as possible.

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