Friday, 22 April 2011

Thy Cup Runneth Over

I couldn't resist that title after having more than a chuckle watching the Real Madrid player drop the Spanish Cup trophy from the top of an open top bus only for it to fall beneath the wheels. It must have been a smashing night!

I do like reading Peter Webbs Bet Angel blog and I have a lot of time for his opinions and thoughts but one of his recent posts really challenged me! It challenged me into thinking what the hell was he going on about. So much so that I had to read it three times over to make sure that I didn't miss anything. I am sure there was nothing to miss. His last sentence said "so that's what I aim to acheive in 2011'. Please can someone explain to me what it actually is that he wants to acheive because I seem to be incapable to grasp what he's trying to say. Perhaps my educational background leaves me lacking in understanding.  Click here to see for yourself and then answers on a postcard.

Over the past four days I have profited by pennies under £100. That's just enough to push me back into the green. Football let me down as I traded the wrong side of the Tranmere v game. I could have settled for a loss of about £20 but did a couple of speculative gambles which didn't come off and ended up down by £58. I am making steady progress going in play on the horses and have even dabbled in the Australian version.

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