Monday, 11 April 2011

A Mixed Day

It was a very mixed day on Sunday but in the end a hard earned £70 which is greatfully received after a very poor start to the month.

When my Horse Racing session started I was already just over £100 down thanks to poor decisions in the Grand Prix and the early morning Spanish second division game between Xerex and Betis. Every horse race was traded entirely in play and I was more than satisfied with the end result. I then lost a little more in the football markets as I tried a BS on the Villa v Newcastle game. However, the evening ended with a nice profit on the Masters as I layed McIlroy as he stood on the 1st tee.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
When you say all your racing trades were in running -do you have a specific type of race you target or just find a horse will either trader longer/shorter?Never seen you mention inrunning alot before.

Handy Andy said...

Hi Tradermick,

I mentioned a couple of posts back that my trading has evolved from Pre-race to In Play. I usually only trade the races with a distance of over 1.5 miles although I tinkered with the sprints on Sunday.

500-5000 said...

Hi Andy,

Excellent blog. I see you added me as a 'fan'. How do I go about adding you? Is there an option on your page?

I think you blog is excellent. Stick to what you know and betfair can be a cash cow!


Handy Andy said...

Just go to your dashboard and add my site as a blog to follow.