Sunday, 10 April 2011


No matter how many temporary email addresses I set up and delete, the system and software emails keep on coming. I tend to take a little look to see if there really is something that can benefit me but 99% of the time it's just deleted. There were two unique products that landed in my inbox recently which caught my attention.

The introduction of the BetTornado app couldn't have been timed better as I had just received my new iPad. It has been put together from Juicestorm with whom I used to follow in the days of their radio broadcasts. The application looks very smart and professional. It uses a verticle scrolling ladder w with various features neatly positioned. The hedge feature is a particular welcome addition.

It is a useful application to place bets/lays on the move but I wouldn't recommend using it on fast moving markets such as in play Horse Racing  as scrolling the vertical ladder to catch up with the current price can be rather like trying to catch a fly.  Also it is not immediately obvious when a market turns in play. It definately needs some kind of audio reminder. In any case, anyone with an iPad should judge for themselves as it's free.

This puzzles me greatly. I think the software is dangerous to anyone trading the horses in play  especially the newbies starting to trade in the dangerous in play markets yet all I ever come across are positive reviews. Am I the only one with an opposing view or is everyone on an affiliate commision? 

The software gives a visual indication by way of a horizontal bar of the odds of each of the runners which is an interesting view if you are not actually watching the race but the major flaw  which is absolutely fundamental is that you can only make a bet or lay with the current price. There is no way you can put an advanced trade. You don't have to be Einstein to know that the prices can be very volitile towards the end of a race so if you decide to lay a horse flashing up at 1.20, by the time you release your finger with that £50 lay, the price could have jumped to 3, 4 or even higher and you are left with a liability of £200 instead of £10 with the horse getting a second wind and winning the race.  You are better off using the standard Betfair grid on their website because at least you can choose from three prices. It is interesting to see that the inplay examples only use £2 and in one example £2 is backed to win 8 pence

It is available to buy at a staggering £3 short of £300 and is not available on a monthly subscription. My response to that would be that if it was available monthly nobody would buy the second month! Why pay £297 when Geek is free!

I would be interested to know who are the 'small group of traders' that are using this software and also which in play product was selling at £2,000 recently? The software has been developed by Mark Baker who is the well respected man behind the excellent Laybot Pro which is why I am even more suprised at the finished version of MM. To be fair to him, he has put together many comprehensive videos (including samples of in play action which clearly shows the volatility)  thus making it clear just what you are purchasing. I can also tell that he is passionate about his product which just adds to the craziness of it all. If MM can have added some kind of limiter where it won't place a lay over a user defined price then at least it will cover the major calamity of accidentally laying at a grossly inflated price in error.

I have put up two different links. One is here and the other is in the MM title. Like I said at the beginning, all I have seen is praise for this product so please let me know if it's just me or are there others with my same view. Is there anyone who has bought the product and happy wth it? Please let me know.

If you disagree with me then my two links will undoubtably mean lots of extra sales for MM which will all go to Paul as you will not be suprised to learn that I am not an affiliate.

ADDED - 17.10 Ludlow, perfect example of what could happen.  Theatre Diva went down to under 1.10 then instantly shooting out to 3-4's (which could have been the actual price by the time the lay was clicked) before winning the race!

Anyway, I am trading the horses in play this afternoon using free software and will see whether I can get some profits out of the last round of the Masters this evening.

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