Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To Fix Or Not To Fix

Having secured an all round profit inside 12 minutes of the Liverpool game, my attention was focussed on the Serie B game between Modena and Atalanta. The draw pre-match was 1.9 with 83% of the match odds on the draw. 0-0 started at about 4's with most of the money on 0-0 with hardly any cash on the other draws. This scenario has appeared in Serie B games over the last couple of weekends and the final result has been the anticipated draw.

Very early in the second half Atalanta scored but incredibly the draw price was still lower than the leading teams price. I thought along with a few of my Trading Football buddys that here was a nice easy earner and backed draw and sure enough with about ten minutes left Modena equalised. Naturally the draw crashed to the floor as if it was the last minute and I reduced my red a little on Atalanta  but didn't green up fully as the game looked like (it was on Betfair Video) it was heading for the draw that everyone expected. However you just know that when Handy is involved in a game things are never as simple as they are supposed to be and in the last minute Atalanta scored. There was just enough time for Modena to hit then post but it ended 1-2 and I lost £18 and at the same time confirmed that just because a price is particularly low, it does not mean that the game will end that way. Next time I will steer clear. There's never a dull day in Handyland!

That gambling loss ate into my earlier trading profit which meant I ended the evening with a loss because I also had a bad session with the twilight and US horses.

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