Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Almost There

A narrow win at Barnsley by Warnocks blue and White army means that we are eleven points clear of third place with 15 points to play for. Our vastly superior goal difference is worth an extra point so a win on Monday at home to Derby and we are back in the promised land.

It has been an unbelievable season. It has not always been the Taarabt show, the whole squad has worked very hard and played as a team. However the best signing has been Neil Warnock. His team selection, tactics, and man management skills cannot be faulted. I am sure that if the result goes our way on Monday it will be an emotional night!

I only hope that Blackpool can survive the drop so that we can be assured of some points and welcome the legend that is Holloway back to Loftus Road for a Premier Leage Game.

As for the trading. It was a total disaster. I did a combination of pre race and in play during the twilight meetings and I lost over £100 overall thanks to leaving a bet in the market. Same old same old! Why can I never leave a lay in, at least I would have more of a chance. The bet was on the favourite and of course the jockey gets wind that Handy has left a bet in so let's go slow to teach him a lesson! So that's about £250 down for the month. Happy days!

A friend of a friend knows someone who hears voices foretelling the future. I don't know if that is after he has had 10 pints and a bottle of Jack down the local but his advice is to lay the arse off Real Madrid to qualify coz it's deffo going to happen. I will be sticking a £10 liability on at 1.01 and if it comes off I will strip naked and dance around my webcam for all to see!

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