Friday, 15 April 2011

Red Alert

Well, so much for the miracle at Tottenham!

The last couple of days have been a bit of a mixed bag. I am comfortable with my in play  horse strategy for the races over 1.5 mile. What I am falling down on is that I try to dabble in the sprints which is just not the correct thing to do because it is a 'luck' thing rather than my clearly defined longer race strategy. I am off work today so I am going to do the marathon 50 races and just pre-race in the sprints and see where that take me.

My football exploits over the last couple of days have not been great. I thought that the LDU game would produce lots of goals seeing as it was a group qualfier decider that both needed to win. In the end I was thankful for the tiny profit across the markets because I fell asleep midway through the first half. Not a great strategy to take! Then there's the Tottenham game where my dreams of a nice grand was just that...a dream!

I did an SHS on the Braga game on 60 minutes. If I followed the strat correctly I should have been out before the end but I decided to let it run thinking that Kiev would go all out for the goal they needed leaving themselves exposed at the back but they never really pushed hard and the goal never came.

My P&L this month does not make good reading but I am an eternal optimist and I am determined to pull it back. As you can see from the monthly summary I need to make £17.49 per day for a green month.

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500-5000 said...

Hi Andy,

My results for the month aren't great, but I suppose they are at least positive. Don't worry about your own results they have been good in the past and will get better in the future!