Saturday, 16 July 2011

8.20 Hamilton - A Real Mystery

I am really scratching my head on this one. As the race entered the final furlong I put in a £100 lay of the current leader Comedy Act at 1.15 which didn't get matched and as the horse was being headed I moved onto the next race.

I am scalping the next race when I notice my bank balance had significantly increased. It was £270 higher than it should be so I examined my P&L and found this.

The above shows that I placed my back for the eventual winner, French Hollow at 20.17 which is before the start time but I never entered the market pre race. Furthermore when I put my lay into the market whilst in play, the grid was empty. Anyone would have noticed £270 on one selection with £100 red on all the others. I have been trading horses for four years so I know when a grid is empty!

In the past four years I have occasionally left back or lays in the market and paid the consequence but have always remembered what stupid mistakes I had done.  However with this race the only time I entered the market was to put in the lay.

To be honest not knowing exactly what happened is really annoying me especially when I could have very easily lost £100. I will take any profit handed out to me from the twists of fate but it is tainted by the fact that it just doesn't make any logical sense.

I have changed my password for peace of mind but know that it couldn't be anybody hacking in unless it was my guardian angel deciding that I deserve a few more pennies in my account.


Anonymous said...

Luckily it was a + and not a -...


500-5000 said...

Hi Andy,

That certainly seems like a real mystery, and a bit of good fortune!

Sports Punter said...

Apologies mate it was me.

I accidentally logged in to your Account rather than my own when placing the bet.

If you couls send me the £250 in Cash that would be great.



Handy Andy said...

Cheque is in the post!