Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Family of Homer Strategies

Over the past 4 years I have traded many sports but my primary market has always been pre-race Horse Racing. I have made a profit from the horses but not enough compared to the hours I have put in More recently I have been trading in play which has been successful but to be honest it's too intense to be enjoyable.

I have always traded the Football markets as a secondary sport but I was always useless and losing money on a regulate basis. I used to mainly use the popular Lay the Draw strategy for small stakes but there was never a concrete structure to it to ever contemplate any decent income from it.

Then about a year ago I accidentally came across the Trading Football Markets service run by Adster and Bingo. I decided to join but was sceptical like most noobs would be trying to get on the trading bandwagon. I quickly realised that this was a decent reliable service. They trade games in their chat room but not just for lemmings to follow. They explain why they make their in play decisions and they encourage members to think for themselves.

Bingo and Ads have always been supportive but there were also a couple of others that are sadly are no longer members that used to regularly coach me late at night (when there wasn't the numbers at midnight like there are now) when they weren't trading themselves and often getting me out of a massive hole I had dug for myself. I learnt a lot from them and one year later I am making consistent profits having for the first time last month profited at over £1,000 on just my football trading.

I have developed a family of strategies called Homer listed below

HomerActive (previously named Homer30)

I tested and tweaked the Homer over a number of weeks which is now regularly played within the TF chat room. It has proved very successful. The full details of the strategy and it's HomerLow variation is posted on two sites. Trading Football and Betting System Notes. Both can be accessed by their banners on the right.

Betting System Notes is a great website which focus's on successful strategies. It includes software where you can access details of proven strategies and add others to it. It is also about to launch a new product that is a must for all football traders. I have been lucky enough to be testing it myself. There is a one time charge to access all their services. Head over to them via the banner on the right to see for yourself.

HomerActive and the brand new HomerDog will be added to the TF and BSN over the next week or so. There will also be videos explaining the strategies.

So what's in it for me? Nothing apart from the green that I am steadily building. I genuinely just want to give something back to the TF community and show that there are a very small amount of trading services that really care about it's members and genuinely want them to become successful. If it wasn't for TF I wouldn't be in the position I am.

The proof of such a good service is the fact that most experienced members have never left to continue to trade on our own. As far as I am concerned trading a football game without sharing it in TF is like eating a Big Mac without the meat!

So what has all this got to do with my first paragraph about the horses? Well I have decided to make Football my primary sport for trading. I am going to show my faith in my own strategies by trading the main leagues at much higher stakes and compliment them with the already proven strategies that Bingo, Ads and senior members have introduced with a view to becoming a full time trader.

You can follow my Homer Picks on my Facebook page. I am Handy Andy with a picture of my profile. You must be a TF member so please send me a friend request stating your chat room alias.

There are many football strategy products that are being introduced for the start of the main season but with most you are just given an ebook to get on with it yourself but with TF you are never alone.

Stay green.

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Mets said...

A grand on the footy in a month? That's impressive Andy! The hard work has obviously paid off. It must be a good feeling knowing you can trade at least two sports successfully. I need to get my butt in gear as I'm just a one-trick-pony lol !