Sunday, 7 August 2011

MarketMatcher -A MUST tool for all Football Traders

MarketMatcher is a fantastic tool from the Betting System Notes website that selects games to trade by either using the successful preset strats or by selecting custom price parameters. It used to take me around 20-30 minutes to study a large weekend card but with MarketMatcher it shows you in an instant. 

I was lucky enough to extensively test the tool before it was launched yesterday, particularly the Homer and I have total confidence in it's accuracy.

Even if you just back normally rather than trade, just select liquidity as 1 and select games for the next 24 hours. It will then list all the Betfair inplay games and it will be much easier than the Betfair site to click each game and see the Match Odds, Correct Score, U1.5, U2.5, U3.5, U4.5 all together on one screen. It really is a marvellous tool. 

The Betting System Notes website also has a tool for recording your football strategies so that they can be easily accessed as and when you need them. The tool comes with many strats already set up whether or not you are subscribed to any football service. If that isn't enough there are regular updates of sports trading news, videos and other tools.

There is no monthly subscription. There is just one off single payment of £39.99 to give you access to all the features. There are more tools planned which will be free to all members.

Click the banner on the right or the links in this post to take a look for yourself on what is on offer.


Tippus83 said...

I`ve been watching your blog for a while. It`s really interesting reading. But I am begging you PLEASE change your background picture ;)

Handy Andy said...

The background should be a solid dark blue. Are you getting the lighter marble effect throughout the page? I had this problem once before.

Handy Andy said...

You must be using Firefox version 4 or 5. Take a look at in using IE or Chrome.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I'm using android 3.0 on an Asus tranformer and also getting the marble background.

Love the blog though!