Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Homer sweet Homer

I have had a few complaints about the marble effect behind my posts. It should have been a solid blue and has been fine up until recently. So I have now made a few changes to make it more readable. 

My football trading has been going well, particularly the blistering performance of my Homer strategy as you can see below. The great factor in this strat is that the home team doesn't necessarily need to score for a successful trade. Take yesterdays Argentina league game between Atletico and Arsenal. At half time the score was 0-3 and the Homer was already a winner. 

I don't trade Portugal league matches as they tend to be defensive games that are often still 0-0 at HT but even yesterdays game between Leiria v Academica was a winner!

You can follow my picks on Facebook but you will need to be a Trading Football member and then supply me with your chat Alias. Click on the right for a free 14 day trial. If you want access to a detailed document of the strategy then subscribe monthly to Trading Football or a one off payment to  Betting System Notes. Their banners are on the right.


Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog for some time and I see that you have good success with you football trading. Does most of your profits come from following your Homer strategy or you are following picks from Trading Football or you trade on your own?
And regarding that Homer strategy, if you stake same on each much, what is ratio between average win and lose on that strategy?
Thank you for reply and good luck with your future trading.


Handy Andy said...

Hi Anon,

80% of my football trades are from my Homer family. This is a strategy that I have developed and unlike most on the internet I am not looking to make a fast buck selling it.

I put my Homer picks up and progress on facebook in plenty of time and I more often than not trade them with the Trading Football community.

I am not part of the TF management team or receive any financial gain other than the regular greens I obtain and the small commission I receive when you sign up to either Betting System Notes or Football Trading by clicking on their banners.

I joined the Football Trading service as I was very bad at trading the sport and that very community led by Bingo, Ads and Lamb helped me be where I am today. I could have said thank you very much and walked away but that is not me. By trading the Homer and other strats through their service I am giving back some of the support and generosity that they gave me.

They trade all sorts of proven strategies which I use but there is nothing better than using something that I have developed myself. I have been in the trading game for a long time and superb services like TF are very few.

It's a strange feeling when you see all these sites claiming wonderful profitable strategies when you have something yourself that you simply know is a winner. I know lots of people are trading the strategy as there is an insurance back that stands out a mile off that is never used on any current strat I know.

Enough of this. I am too obsessed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply.
So if I join TF, I can see your Homer strategy explained in details, right? And in one of your latest post, you said you now have 4 variations of Homer. If I join TF, can I there see all 4 explained or just that main one?
And can you just answer my question regarding profit and loss using that strategy? What is average win and average loss of using it?
Hope to see you soon in TF chat :)


Handy Andy said...

Hi Dan,

You have two choices.

1. You pay a once only charge of £39.99 for Betting System Notes and under Bonus Notes is the full strategy of the Homer and HomerLow. Match selection, Stakes, average wins/losses..... the lot

2. You take a free trial with TF which will gain access to the chat room where all strats are traded. The Homer on most days. You will not have access to the strategies page until you are a full member but you should be able to work it out from the in play trades in chat.

3. Do both.

My advice is to get your hands on the strat now on BSN and have a free trial at TF as there is nothing better than trading as a community than on your own. You will soon see the benefits of TF beyond just football trading and will take up full membership.

If you do proceed it would be great if you use my banners.

If you want to know more just email me at handyandyblog@yahoo.co.uk

Handy Andy said...

...by the way two strategies are written up. HomerActive is traded in chat but not written up anywhere and HomerDog is still be tweaked and is test traded by a select few.