Saturday, 3 September 2011

0-2 and what to do.

I did not take part in any Homer trading from Monday to Thursday as the fixtures and liquidity were awful.

I used the Israel v Greece game as a fun trade to do a little tinkering. What started as a Homer ended as a CS Jobby (a proven TF strategy) which enabled me to finish the game as a scratch.

Belarus v Bosnia was my main pick as posted on facebook. I invested heavily in the game and exited shortly after the score went to 0-2 which was in the 25th minute. Had the second goal arrived after the 40th minute my situation would have been at scratch so I would have continued until I had reached the max loss point but because the goal came early I was satisfied with my profitable position and took it, particularly as my stakes were high. My ROI was naturally lower than average at 20% This is something that I would not have done 12 months ago when I was taking gambles rather than sensible decisions.

The strat mainly progresses through the first half with little intervention but 0-2 is the one scoreline where serious decisions need to be made. Provided the lay has been matched before any goals are scored, a 0-2 score up to 40 minutes will usually mean that entire trade is in profit. Naturally the earlier the 0-2 the greater the profit. Whether you immediately take the profit, wait to HT and then take the scratch or push on for that third goal is entirely personal choice. There is no right or wrong way to proceed as long as you exit when faced with the acceptable max loss.

Today's pick has been posted on my facebook page.

Darren over at Betting System Notes has released a video demonstrating the features of the MarketMatcher tool. I have reproduced it below and ask that if you are interested in his service, please subscribe via the banner on the right.

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