Monday, 5 September 2011

Excellent Weekend

I traded three successful Homers which were announced on facebook and one successful HomerActive. 

Scotland v Czech Republic ROI 30.40%
Braintree v Lincoln (Active) ROI 36.21%
Lanus v Estudiantes ROI 35.18%
Rec de Huelva v Celta Vigo ROI 46.8%

HomerActives are almost impossible to pick in advance. The circumstances have to be just right mid game plus on many occasions there just isn't enough liquidity to share the trade with many.
I am wary of aftertiming not only with the Active strat but any other Homer that I decide to trade last minute outside the TF community. So to ensure complete credibility I will show the game up on facebook as I jump into the trade. I will only include these games in my results if it is shown on fb and that the score is clearly acknowledged as 0-0 at the time.

The concept is still the same. It is just started mid game.

Still waiting for the first loss this month.

I also continued trading the horses and came away with £86.89

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