Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Geeks Toy Pro - Well Done

Having used AGT Pro since it's conception, I have always sung it's praises. Whilst not having all the trading features that competitors offer it had enough for most traders. The fact that it performs faster than all the opposition I have tried, it rarely crashes and that it's free has always given it the edge.

However, things have now changed big style. Paul over at Geek HQ has just released a beta version which is available for all to use which introduces an extensive amount of new features shown below:

1. The stop loss is finally here!

2. The stop loss includes a trailing stop, where the loss position decrements 1 tick for every tick the market moves in your favour.

3. A new menu option has been added to the Tools & default staking menu called “Use Global Tools”. When switched on, the tools behave as currently & apply to new bets placed on all markets. When switched off, a new Tools Toolbar appears at the top of the ladder & right of the grid which enables you to set tools at selection & market level.

4. Cancel Tools on Market Hedge - When switched on, this option will cancel all tools active on all bets in the market when the whole market is hedged using one of the various options.

5. Cancel Tools on Selection Hedge – When switched on, this option will cancel all tools active on all bets on that selection when the selection is hedged.

6. New MACD chart added to the streaming charts.

7. You can now change the shortcut keys for the ladder and bet controls. This can be opened via the main info bar menu.

8. Support has been built in for the Betfair live video page which maximises screen real estate. It can be launched via either the Main Info Bar menu, or when a market is available to watch on Betfair video, a TV icon will show next to the countdown clock which you can click.

9. A new multi bet placement window has been added which can be opened from the Main Info Bar menu when a Market is open. { Dutch flag. } This window allows you to place bets on one ore more selections using the following popular methods in either stand alone or combinations of….

• Dutching / Bookmaking
• Back / Lay the field.
• Stop Entry ( Price conditional entry }
• Place bets at a specified time.
• Drip Feed

10.Keep bets are now supported in the Correct Score markets

11. Multi language support.

12. Paul promises additional new features very soon.

Please note that as this is a beta there could be some bugs around but I have used it for the past couple of days and it has been working perfectly.

Ladies and Gentleman, the decision to choose AGT is now the biggest no brainer out of all no brainers! This software is a very serious player in the Sports Trading sector. It is now very rich in features and would proudly stand side by side with it's competitors similar products. However, it can step one pace forward from the rest due to the fact that it is free.

It's free and there is no catch!  It is not often that this statement is true! 

Hop on over to the AGT Forum for more details and instructions on how to download the software..

No Homers yesterday but I did dabble in a couple of trades which were both successful.

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