Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Run Continues But Is Now On Hold

There were four picks announced on Facebook over the weekend that were all winners.
Sat 10/9 Everton v Aston Villa ROI 30.85%
Sat 10/9 Coventry v Derby County ROI 23.35%
Sun 11/9 Birmingham v Millwall ROI 30.91%
Sun 11/9 Espanyol v Athletico Bilbao ROI 31.23%

I was a little anxious with the Espanyol game as I had already committed to a couple of the prices at multiple stakes but could not get a successful scalp pre-match. I don't like staking so high if I do not have cover on the 0-0. The game didn't fill me with positivity as goal mouth action was very limited. Thankfully Espanyol scored towards the end of the first half to keep this excellent run going which is now at eleven consecutive profits averaging at over 30% ROI and thirteen picks without a loss.

The ratio of losses against total matches picked is currently exactly 25%. So for every four games traded there is just the one loss.

I have not experienced one losing Homer trade in twelve this month.

Unfortunately I have a sudden and  important personal issue which is going to take up most of my time over the next few days. During this time I will not be looking out for any Homer picks or adding to this blog. My time with the TF community will be very limited but hopefully I will be back in the thick of it at the weekend but that cannot be guaranteed.

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gundulf said...

Hope all's ok for you Andy. See you back soon.