Thursday, 20 October 2011


On Tuesday I picked Millwall v Brighton for the standard Homer and was disappointed that such a lively game was deadlocked at 0-0 by the time I had exited. On watching the highlights I was astonished to see a miss by Millwall from three yards out and with the goal gaping. You just can't trust players to do their jobs these days. I almost escaped with a scratch but the third goal never came. That player should be paying me compensation for my loss! ROI -36.92%.

Even more frustrating was the HomerActive potential in the game Southampton v West Ham. It was 0-0 after 20 minutes and the prices were excellent, especially the 1-0. I started working out my backs when the match suspended. I thought to myself that it was very unlucky to have just missed out on a good opportunity due to a goal but the game was not suspended because of the goal. It remained suspended for fifteen minutes by which time the key prices has passed and the CS liquidity was poor from then until the end of the game. Southampton scored just before half time which would have given me an above average profit so you can imagine I was not best pleased.

On Wednesday I traded a HomerDog for the game Olympiakos v Dortmond. I don't usually trade CL group games but Olympiakos were bottom and had to really go for it and I was hoping they could nick that home goal during the first half. My assumption was right but they scored too early for the trade to be fully launched and I was paid up from the insurance. ROI was 48.76% but that was high because the lay had not been fired. At single stakes the liability was just £30 and the win was just under £15.

I had also thought that Leverkusen v Valencia was a good shout too and that would have been a full HomerDog profit but I was only ever going to trade one match at a time under test.

The final Homer trade of the evening was an Active on Marseille v Arsenal. The first half was very lively so I jumped into the trade on 25 minutes and was unlucky not see goals before half time. However the second half was another story as the game disintegrate into a boring scrappy affair and the loss was then easy to determine. ROI -47.03%. Thankfully I managed to pull back the loss with a lay of the current score as the game entered added time. I always do this when I am facing a loss as it is very cheap and last minute goals are more frequent than you would think.

I have now recorded 16 Homers this month of which 8 have been winners, 2 have been scratched and 6 losers. Not as good as September but it can't always be rosy as we cannot stick the ball in the net so have to rely on overpaid professionals doing their jobs properly. For me the most important aspect is that I have been happy with my picks and that the family of strategies continue to show a positive trend over the longer term. The month is still in profit although £32.93 is nothing to shout about.

Now that we are approaching the end of the year I am going to add year 2013 to the ResultMaster spreadsheet and send the new version as a free update to all purchasers with clear instructions, perhaps even a video, on how to migrate the existing data over to the new spreadsheet.

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