Sunday, 30 October 2011

Homer Results Spreadsheet Video

Below is the Homer Results video walthrough. This comprehensive analysis lists and splits results data by family strategy and league. It is supplied free when purchasing the strategies or joining the daily service. The video is best viewed at full screen.



gundulf said...

There I was expecting to hear your dulcet tones explaining everything...what was that awful racket playing instead? ... I'll mail you a zip file with some AC/DC on it for next time you make a video :-)

Handy Andy said...

If you had to listen to my dulcet tones you would have fallen asleep inside 60 seconds.

Having said that my daughter has expressed her embarassment that an 'old' man like me is into Snoop Dog!

I'll put on Judy Garlands 'follow the yellow brick road' next time. :-)