Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Colombia v Argentina. The Perfect HomerDog

It has been an extremely hectic week since the strategies have been released but now the peak is over I can now focus on the blog. I can now give a brief review of the opening three official picks and update the results on the right and on my spreadsheet under the 'Homer Results' tab.

However, firstly big thanks have to go to Bingo and Robbo who both gave a scintillating performance with their advice on the afternoons horse racing over at TF yesterday. They advised the entries and exits points on most of the in-play racing and came up trumps every time. It was clear that this wasn't guesswork. Both had done meticulous research as they justified their picks. It was a great alternative to the football in a week where the fixtures for trading have been poor.

The first official pick since the release of the strategies was Friday's HomerDog of England v Spain. I rarely get involved with friendlies but thought that England and the corresponding CS prices were grossly overpriced and it was worth a look. It was clear midway through the first half England's intention was to defend at all costs as if it was some kind of experiment to prove to their critics that they can defend against the best in the world. However this was at the cost of having no attacking strategy. It was as if Capello told the team that scoring wasn't important. The unders dropped quicker than a lead balloon and we were faced with an unbelievable scenario of the MLE at 37 minutes. The MLE has always been reached at half time at the absolute earliest so this was a unique situation. With so much going on I did not have any time to scalp and so exited at 37 minutes and a loss to start the service. ROI -38.11%. Those that had a full 0-0 scalp would last to 50 minutes and would have been rewarded by the 47th minute goal. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to learn and successfully execute the scalp. In the end the basis of my pick was right as England came out winners.

On Sunday saw the Homer trade of Deportivo v Celta Vigo. This game provided a small profit as the 4th minute 1-0 ensured that the insurance kicked in.  It was however a disappointment that the strategy wasn't give the opportunity to be used in full. ROI 31.33%

Yesterday I picked the HomerDog of Colombia v Argentina. Argentina have been struggling away and I felt it was a good opportunity for the underdog to at least get on the score sheet if not win the game. I prepared properly for this trade and was fully scalped on the 0-1 and half scalped on the 0-0. This left me in a very strong position but could still lose if the game remained 0-0 up to 60 minutes.

The home goal came very late in the first half which just shows what a fine line there is between winning and losing. As it was so late the market it settled at greatly reduced prices in addition we had a fantastic unders price of 1.47 enabling everyone who was chatting on Facebook to green up for a £30 profit to single stakes. ROI 57.81% The game ended 1-2 so anyone who left the trade open won £18.50.

Over the three games we have had three very different scenario's that has produced two greens and one red. At single stakes the fees for the Family of Homer Strategies document is well on it's way to being covered.

There have been no opportunities to introduce the HomerActive but I am sure we can find one or two games over the busy weekend. It is not the easiest to trade but I am sure it will be an interesting experience for members.

I will also be doing various videos of my trading and how I use A Geeks Toy to scalp, monitor and exit trades.

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