Sunday, 6 November 2011

Out of the Blocks in November

The weekend arrived on the back of four straight losses,  I have not experienced this sequence since I started recording the results in May and have to admit I was feeling a little under pressure going into the pick Newcastle v Everton which I suppose is only natural.

Now there is something to really worry about!

The pick was a 'no brainer' as the prices were generous, Newcastle being the form team while Everton had been struggling in their away games. I went into this game having scalped 0-0, 1-0 and 2-0 thanks to the marvellous PMT tool so was in a strong position from the start and was due to receive a bumper profit had it ended as unders with the usual three CS scores. This time the result mirrored the form and it was pleasing recording my first green in November although the 2-1 overs result produced a standard. ROI 30.00%.  At just single stakes the profit was exactly £18 which is almost double the monthly subscription to my support service. If you are interested or just want to know more please complete the form in the left column.

Trading is all about the bigger picture and the no loss strike rate remains consistent at over 70% and as long as teams play to their current form and do their jobs properly the Homer family will always be profitable.

Daily service to start Wednesday 9/11
Detailed Strategy Breakdown £19.99 one payment
Homer incorporating HomerLow

Daily Homer Picks and Support £9.99 per month
Three day rolling game watch. I highlight every game with the Homer family potential. Which one’s I am likely to follow and which games I will reject. Be prepared as the match draws near. Saturdays matches will be highlighted the Wednesday before.
Receive my trading Homer picks with justification. These will be known well in advance as a natural progression of the rolling game watch.
Receive my picks stakes. These will be mailed at least six hours before kick off and will be based on single stakes.
Free Homer Results Spreadsheet. Record your progress and see your results, strike rate and analysis by country.
Post Trade Analysis. I summarise the matches I trade. What went right and what were the difficulties..
Homer Results. I list the results of all games where the prices qualified for each Homer strategy whether picked or not.
Work in Progress.  Read my thoughts as I develop two Homer variations. HomerActiveDog & HomerExtremeDog. These strats will be available for free for members
Facebook.  This will be where I will be available for live one to one support. I will be available during all the games I pick and will advise in my daily emails what other times I will turn chat on. My facebook ‘friends’ will be amended for only paying members.
Notes. There will not be a chat room as I continue to support the Trading Football service and have absolutely no intention to compete against their first class service. I will trade the occasional Homer  in their room but I will not be releasing stakes until shortly before kick off. Members of my service will receive stakes and advice at least six hours before kick off. I will not be trading the Dog or Active strategies in their room.
Strategies Only.  The cost for the strategies without the daily support  but with the free spreadsheet is £29.99.
Support. Email me with any Homer related queries to

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