Wednesday, 9 November 2011


The last few days have been manic and I haven't had any time to bring the blog up to date.

On Sunday evening I traded the Homer Rayo Vallecano v Sociedad.  Like in the Everton game the home goal was scored not long after 9 minutes but enough time to execute the lay which ensured a winning trade. ROI 31.36%.

It is so important to get that lay in by the 10th minute at the latest and not to hang on to gain those extra few ticks. There is no excuse if the max price has been reached but if the price is a few ticks short then make the decision to either close the entire trade for scratch or take the high price and accept that a winning position will result in a small profit if either of the three CS scores are the final result. An overs result will not be affected by the high lay price.

The FT score was 4-0 which meant that I was paid on the overs result so had I entered my lay at a very high price it would not have had any bearing on my profit.

I will continue with the blog but my focus and priority will be with the Homerites that join the daily service which starts tomorrow. I don't want to sound cliche as it is not meant to sound like the boring hard sell slogans that we see time and time again but if everyone commits to joining that has already registered then there is no way that I will add to the numbers. I am already in 'knocked for six' by the response.

I will add the paypal links to the "Purchase and Subscription Service' tabs and links will be automatically emailed to download the PDF Strategy document and the Excel Spreadsheet. I will look out for any email queries throughout Thursday and aim to respond as quick as possible. I will also activate chat on facebook for more instant help. I advise anyone who joins the daily service to hook up with me on facebook just to have the instant chat facility if you need to get hold of me quickly.  

It will be a slow start as there are only a limited amount of secondary league competitive matches coming up over the next 7 days. I never trade friendlies or first leg matches so that will rule out all the weekend International games but hopefully the second leg playoffs midweek will have some opportunities. This period is not necessarily a bad thing as it will mean that Homerites can spend time understanding the strategies and get back to me with any queries.

I am sure we can find the odd low stake fun trade to practice on.

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