Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Round in Circles

Running a service on my own plus trying to get a good days trading behind me is far harder than I could ever have imagined. I seem to always be on the go and spare time is at a premium. This is why there have been a few days without a post.  However I am thoroughly enjoying myself and wouldn't have it any other way.

The screenshot above looks like I have had a fairly placid last few days but it has been far from that. The horse racing includes two separate £100 losses.  I always make sure that when I back in a chase or hurdles, I stay in the trade for as little time as possible. In these cases I was extremely unlucky as both fell a few seconds after I opened the trade.

It was a similar situation with the football. Having multi staked with two losers on Saturday and then a loss on the Swansea game on Sunday, I then staked very heavily on the Liverpool v Manchester City which brought me back towards profitability. I then cemented the come back with three winning Homers on Monday. 

£100 over five days is not going to feed the family but at least it is not a loss. I did not post today's P&L as I started writing this earlier in the day but now its late here it is.

So let's see the final scores on the doors for November.

Traded Matches 27
Profit = 11 Minimum ROI 27.87%, Maximum ROI 57.81%
Scratch = 3 Average ROI -2.64%
Loss = 13 Minimum ROI -9.30%, Maximum ROI -45.33%

Overall P&L if using single stakes = -£81.53
Average P&L across all 27 matches = -£3.02
Average Liability = £60.67
Average ROI = -3.87%
A loss every 2.08 matches.
Longest winning run = 4
Longest losing run = 3

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