Sunday, 11 July 2010

From Joy To Despair

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I should have turned off my laptop at 1.05pm and enjoyed the sun with the family after seeing Vettel lose the race on the first lap. My opening lay just needed a £2 back bet to ensure that any miraculous recovery was covered. He actually did fantastically well to finish 7th and I was £93 up.

I made a little profit on the cricket but it was all down hill after that. I think that the early profit made my attitude while horse trading complacent. It's a fine line getting it right pre-race and I think I was too relaxed. Then frustrated at how poorly I performed I went into overdrive on the WC final. I started with laying unders, followed by laying no next goal and ending with backing the outright win for Netherlands. A hat-trick I would like to forget!

In reality I have only lost £76 compared with last months huge loss but to think I was £93 up makes it even more frustrating.

I try to keep reminding myself that in this game it is hard to win and easy to lose!

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trader211 said...

Ive been doing the same as you.
What I have found is this.
When I first started trading,every trade I tried to do I was losing.
I studied the form of the horses and layed or each trade went against me I then backed or layed a horse in the race for 10 times the amount of my red trade,so if I was red for 1 quid I then backed or layed for 10 quid to punish who ever was driving the price against me.for the first month I had a liability in every race,But I was making good money,Gradually over the months the amount of races where i had a red trade liability became less and less some days there was no reds some maybe 2 red trade,How did the market manipulters know it was my money ?
Now it is very rare any market moves against me as I have stung the manipulators very heavely with my 10 times bets.I wonderd was it betfair themselves playing in the markets and because I stung them they decided to leave me alone.They decided it was better to lose a few quid per race than sometimes 100 or even 500 quid.
There was an instance where bf suspended a usa race 4 mins b4 the off leaving me with a big liability if this thing won,It lost I made a big profit ,I phoned bf they apologised and told me it would never happen again and it didnt.


Jim De Laya