Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Good Return On The Horses

I subscribe to many blogs and general websites and read them through two Firefox addons, Google Redesigned and Feedly. As there are so many, I separate them into folders by marking each one from A to E with A being the most interesting for me. I only have a handful in A and one of them is Betting For A Living. Here I am, putting myself through this emotional rollercoaster with the comfort of knowing that if it all goes tits-up it's only a secondary income. However Mudflaps has two big worries constantly hanging over him. The obvious one of trading for his primary income and also trading the highly unpredictable in play horse markets without the fast pictures of the big boys. I admire anyone with the balls to take the plunge full time.  We all know that trading performance and confidence go hand in hand and  unfortunately his efforts have been rather sticky over the past few weeks so I wish him well to get back on track as he introduces additional strategies.

As for me, my first day back with nags was satisfying for my level. Having made £85 over 24 races I was pushing to try to reach £100 and my lay and subsequent trades of Bangladesh nearly paid off which would have netted me an additional £80. Unfortunately it was not to be.

The World Cup reaches it's climax this evening and I am very suprised to see that most predictions together with the markets suggest we will see a Spain victory. In my view Netherlands have performed much better than Spain and they continue with their remarkable record of 100% wins from the start of the qualifying group. To see the Orange Men at 4's to win is way off the mark in my opinion.

I know that normally the Final is a very defensive affair but I have a feeling that this will be a more open game so will be placing an opening trade of laying under 2.5 goals. At 1.61 it's worth a go. Naturally I will be looking for that early goal to set things off.

What about the Grand Prix? The market suggests that we are in for a procession but I think that Vettels price of 1.59 is too low. I will be laying shortly before the off and hope that Webber get's off to a better start. I do realise that if Vettel get's off to his usual good start the price will drop to around 1.35 but there will be still be 90 minutes of racing where anything can happen!

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