Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back to Reality

On Wednesday I traded Leece v Atalanta which was all over within the first minute when Atalanta scored a penalty. The insurance ensured the scratch. It is such a disappointment having spent considerable time scalping the 0-0 and working hard to get the best CS prices and then finding it's all over before it has even started. The ROI was 6.67%

I was scratching around for something to jump on and noticed that the Cardiff v Leicester game had developed into HomerActive territory.  I entered the market on 30 minutes and the home goal came two minutes later. This time I didn't mind the quick goal. It was an instinctive move to trade it and thus I didn't have time to post it on facebook so it won't go down on my results spreadsheet.

Thursday's Homer pick was Espanyol v Getafe and what a dire game it was. It really was painful to watch. I had a very strong 0-0 green which kept me in the trade until 60 minutes but nothing could save me. I was even surprised to see that Espanyol managed to find the net at the very end. ROI -38.30%.

On Friday Elche v Almeria had Homer prices but I didn't fancy it and was worried that the second division game would not have enough in play liquidity.  It would have traded exactly as Leece with the away goal scored in the very first minute. It would have been interesting to trade at the end as there were two goals scored in the third and fourth minute of injury time.

I purchased a three month subscription of the PMT (Pre Match Trading) tool when it was launched at the start of the season but I have been so wrapped up with these Homers that I haven't given PMT the attention it deserves. The reports I have been hearing have been excellent  and I will be making a concious effort to use it over the weekend. For anyone that doesn't know about this tool it predicts which way the prices are likely to move over various football markets. Check out the video below.

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