Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bad Luck or Fate?

I had one of those evenings which trading deals out to me occasionally.  A day when losses are inevitable no matter what happens on any course or any stadium!

I decided to trade some of the Kempton evening races and went about my trading in the usual way. The fourth race of the evening was the 7.10. It was 1m 4f which is the minimum distance that I trade in running. I allow myself one minute of scalping in a race that on average lasts about two and a half minutes. I was happy with my overall market position when suddenly my Geek software just disappeared. I was left holding my mouse and staring at my desktop. I had left some backs in the market which I only ever do when it's a flat race and knew what they would be swallowed up leaving me with a considerable loss if the favourite went on to lose. My backup is an Ipad running 3g but by the time I had the market up, my backs had been taken and the race was all but over. I am sure it was not a general problem with the software as I was one of it's first users and it has never done that before. I have also been using the current version for a while.

Was it just bad luck or fate! I would have been unharmed had the race been a hurdle or a chase or decided to close pre-race or after the first minute. The race was called 'Back or Lay at' so perhaps it was a message!

Things did not get better when trading the Homer of Cittadella v Modena. To be honest after the episode with the horses I really wasn't in the right frame of mind but I had the 0-0 scalped and got the prices I wanted across my backs. It was 0-0 at HT but the scalping gave me the advantage to continue to about 55 minutes. Bad luck or fate raised it's ugly head yet again. I exited on 55 minutes only for Cittadella to score 30 seconds later. I had left myself with a scratch possibility but the FT score of 2-0 ensured that I made a loss. ROI -38.64.

I was unapproachable for the rest of the evening!

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