Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Fine Line

It is a very fine line between winning and losing and this was highlighted in Saturdays trading. My first pick to kick off October was Wolves v Newcastle. At HT the score was 0-2 so the trade was was at zero and it allowed me to continue to 75 minutes before reaching the acceptable loss. Unfortunately the important third goal came far too late and I had already exited with the loss.  However things could and should have been very different. Wolves dominated the first half and were awarded a free kick midway through it when the incident clearly took place yards inside the penalty area. The ROI was -36.51%.

The second pick was Inter v Napoli. This certainly didn't go to script and I was extremely lucky to come away with a profit. HT was 0-1 with Inter down to 10 men. The loss at HT was lower than normal as the unders price took into consideration the red card and that more goals were expected. Napoli were in total control but by 55 minutes there were no further goals and I had reached my exit point. As I was about to exit Napoli scored to make it 0-2. I had lost the entire CS but my unders had increased significantly so that the entire trade was a scratch. To exit at this point would have been an acceptable move but I trade to the max loss and I figured that I could go to around 75 minutes before exiting. The scenario then played out exactly is it had 20 minutes earlier. I was ready to exit but before I could place my trades Napoli made it 0-3 and the Homer was landed with an ROI of 31.62%. Another fine line between winning and losing and a fair result that one was a win and the other was a loss.

The final game on Saturday was a HomerActive game Fluminense v Santos which three of us traded via PM in the TF chat room. We started entering trades on 25 minutes and we were able to secure a really low unders price before Santos scored on 33 minutes. 7 minutes later it was 1-1 and we calculated that we would be far better off closing all our positions so at HT we had done so and had achieved a large ROI of 48.98% for 15 minutes work. HomerActives are more profitable but decisions to trade them are made whilst the game is in play and are higher risk because prices are not very stable especially when liquidity is below average.

I didn't do any trading on Sunday or Monday but I suggested that Swansea v Stoke was a good one to get on. The unders price was just below 1.60 at the start so the strat to use would have been the HomerLow. The early goal secured a profit. The FT score of 2-0 would have given traders an above average profit.

As far as QPR are concerned, the least said about that the better!
My facebook is now full of friend requests where no TF alias has been stated. These requests will never be accepted.


Anonymous said...

If you only have people on TF on facebook and dont let other add you you should decline the friend request. The reason for this is that, while you have them as pending they can see all your posts.

Handy Andy said...

Cheers mate.