Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Summary

On Wednesday I traded the HomerActive on Middlesbro v Leicester. It was a lively game with the home team dominating possession and missing so many chances. The final score of 0-0 meant a loss with an ROI of -37.12%. It was definitely the right pick but unfortunately Middlesbro didn't read the script!

I did not do any trading on Thursday or Friday and so ended a very successful month for the Homer family. The final results for September were as follows.

Traded Matches 23
Profit = 17 Minimum ROI 20.05%, Maximum ROI 90.12% Average ROI 36.05%
Scratch = 2 Average ROI 3.91%
Loss = 4 Minimum ROI -34.98%, Maximum ROI -38.30%, Average ROI -37.04%

Overall P&L if using single stakes = £259.35
Average P&L across all 23 matches = £11.28
Average Liability = £55.96
Average ROI = 20.70%
A loss every 5.75 matches.
Longest winning run = 11
Longest losing run = 1

Please see the Homer Results tab to view the results by match for September 2011.


Mark said...

Superb results Andy, well done mate.

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