Monday, 24 October 2011

The Biggest Win on Sunday

The fourth consecutive profit came on Saturday afternoon thanks to Aston Villa v West Brom. ROI 30.24%. This was followed by a scratch in Fulham v Everton as the early away goal meant a quick end to the trade. ROI -5.64%. October is now coming together as the last 14 games have produced just 3 losses. The profit at just single stakes is exactly £136.

The complete Homer family strategies and detailed picks will be available here. Details will follow in the next few days.

However, the Sunday belonged to Queens Park Rangers and the magnificent display against their bitter rivals. The atmosphere was tremendous and the victory was very sweet!


Football Gambler said...

Hi Andy,

Congratulations on another winning trade on Saturday. I suppose you can tolerate a 5.64% ROI loss when you are winning at over 30%.

Are you a QPR fan then? (reason I ask is you didn't call Chelsea YOUR bitter rivals)

I remember a few years back talking to some peed off QPR fans in a pub in Blackpool and they were moaning about the fact that Coventry (my team) sent them down all those years back.

I bet they wouldn't swap places now.

Cheers, Dean.

Handy Andy said...

Hi Dean, Yes it's my bad English. I am blue and white hoops through and through and waited 16 years for this moment of triumph. It was worth the hefty Season Ticket price!

I was there on that fateful day at Coventry but these things usually turn around eventually!

Handy Andy said...

...and yes it really is 4.40am!

Peter Wilday said...

Hi Andy,

Great win for you over the phoney Russian franchise!
The icing on the cake will be if the FA clobber that lowlife Terry with a lengthy ban for his racist comments!



Football Gambler said...

I vaguely remember the game Andy (we've had that many relegation ones), I think I'm right in saying QPR were very unlucky and should have won.

Didn't Kevin Gallen miss a couple of sitters or hit the post/bar 3 times of something bizarre like that?

Peter, the Terry story doesn't seem to be going away does it. Wonder if he will manage to get sacked as England captain twice, that would be funny as it would probably be some sort or record.