Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Clear Mind and my Daily Challenge

Now that I am unemployed for the first time in my working career, I have a weird feeling of complete release. As if I have had a weight lifted off my shoulders. I can now fully focus on doing something that I truly love to do and perhaps this totally relaxed state will aid my trading. How I perform over the next  month will decide whether I can take that step into trading full time.

I have therefore decided to put myself in the spotlight and record my P&L each day. If I have a truly dreadful day then you will see it in all it's glory. The fact that I am committing myself with my results may hold me back from making any stupid decisions.

This afternoon I tackled the horse racing and used a combination of Robbo's excellent in play advice over at TF, together with my own pre-race and in-play strategies.  It didn't start well as I lost £24 in the first race but then I picked things up nicely throughout most of the rest of the card until I lost £25 over two races near the end. The end result was a profit of almost £40.

I then moved into the evening session with a HomerDog of Leverkusen v Chelsea. Yet again HT was a disappointing 0-0. I had scalped the 0-0 so decided to exit with a scratch rather than continue to 55 minutes. For the members who hadn't scalped, they implemented the exit rules and the trade was saved thanks to the last minute third goal. ROI -3.75%

I managed to make a profit from the game after I laid the current score at 1.24 which gave me some satisfaction. This enabled me to accumulate just short of £100 for the day.  This is the sort of daily result that is needed consistently if I am ever going to consider making this a full time occupation.

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